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Our Team and Principles

Our values and principles

Our team are a boutique team of specialists, coming from various backgrounds, life experiences and countries but all have a shared vision…

Our core values

Be unafraid to learn from everyone and believe in teaching what we know

Supporting principles:

  • Keep searching, keep learning
  • Share - because sharing is caring
  • Build aligned minds, not just teams
  • More than the sum of our parts

Always aim to treat others how we would want to be treated

Supporting principles:

  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Transparently true to our methodology

Ensure what we do is meaningful and always people-centred

Supporting principles:

  • People-centred products - always
  • Be unafraid
  • Purpose over profits
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Not-for-proft partnerships and discounts

Do you work for a not-for-profit organisation and share our values? Then we’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to partner with you and your team to help change the world for the better.

To that end, we are always open to offering discounts on our training, design and development services - depending on the project.

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Alex and Rich, thinking over a problem whilst looking at a laptop screen

Our team

The team all have their specialisms and are always happy to talk so feel free to contact any of them!

Alex Lobera
Alex Lobera
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Ask me about: React, GraphQL, Lean, UX, Agile, strategy, mentoring, high-performance teams, company culture, latin dance
Lena Tregub
Lena Tregub
Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine
Ask me about: Communication with clients, email marketing, reportage photography
Richard Moss
Richard Moss
Hometown: London, UK
Ask me about: ReactJS academy trainings, our coaching and coaches, working with LeanJS, Lean/Agile, JavaScript, functional programming, React, any crazy ideas :-)
Horacio Hererra
Horacio Hererra
Hometown: Panama City, Panama
Ask me about: Design Sprints, Technical Analytics, Marketing Attribution, photography, video production, mvps, design systems, branding, typography, teaching, user behaviour, Disney movies, American Football :P
Will Voelcker
Will Voelcker
Hometown: London, UK
Ask me about: Web programming, teaching, writing short bios
Luis Novella
Luis Novella
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Ask me about: Digital and business transformation, change management, business strategy, management consultant, start-ups, Lean/Agile.
Paul Woodley
Paul Woodley
Hometown: Chelmsford, UK
Ask me about: User research, rapid prototyping, user testing information architecture, design workshops and sprints, UI, accessibility, print design, branding, social media marketing, badass Spotify playlists

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