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Our process

Our unique process utlises techniques and approaches that work - incrementally yet throroughly

Our lean approach

Everything we do is about efficiency - reducing business waste, rapidly

Lean is like cooking with family... you try and add ingredients, taste, learn and experiment with flavours as you go - asking them to taste with you along the way. You quickly find what works great and immediately reject what tastes bad.

The result? A delicious finished product that you can reproduce over and over, delighting your nearest and dearest with something they - and you - love.


UX designer Paul, grouping post-it notes on a wall to find patterns

Stages of the LeanJS process

  • Learn...
  • Collaborative client workshops
  • User research, identifying needs
  • Competitor research
  • Analysis of quantitative data
  • Build...
  • Strategy documentation
  • ReactJS-coded, low fidelity prototyping
  • Process creation and visualisation
  • Test...
  • Usability testing with the target audience
  • Stringent React code review and testing
  • Quantitative measurement
Three circles stating 'Test', 'Learn' and 'Build', each with an arrow pointing to the next, showing a circular motion of Lean production

Lean project timescales

All projects are different but we’ve proven that our process can deliver quality, fully researched and tested tech in just 3.5 weeks - from idea to launch. Learn more on our blog

The reason for this is our unique process and the tools we utilise to create products and processes - a combination of design thinking, cutting edge development skills, user-centred project management good practices and passion from the LeanJS team.

Case studies

Scalability in an evolving tech world

Starting small doesn't mean we ignore the bigger picture...

Digital transformation has been all the rage over the past few years and using traditional ‘top-down’ approaches, the desired outcomes can be incredibly hard to achieve.

However, our experience tells us that working incrementally means less exposure to business risks and creates more learnings from which to build from.

Our process combines Lean Startup thinking with UX design processes and ReactJS’s revolutionary development methodology means stakeholders can do one important thing: make better, faster business decisions.

Our team and principles

Guiding you into the future

Handovers can be problematic, but our coaching expertise can help ease the pain...

In a classroom full of students, Alex has his back to the image whilst presenting to those students

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