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Our process

A process ensuring user-tested, quality digital solutions
From concept to launch - in as little as 6 weeks

Working lean, reducing waste - rapidly

You’re probably thinking, what IS Lean? For that matter, you may’ve heard of Agile too and thought the same… So, what is all this jargon about?

Lean/Agile is like cooking. You add ingredients, taste, learn and experiment with flavours as you go. You find and use what works great and reject what tastes bad.

You wouldn’t serve something to your guests without tasting now would you?!

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UX designer Paul, grouping post-it notes on a wall to find patterns

How this works at LeanJS

Three circles stating 'Test', 'Learn' and 'Build', each with an arrow pointing to the next, showing a circular motion of Lean production


We take time talking with you and your team, asking key questions and delving deep into your expectations and business needs
Speak to users to their core needs and ensure we prioritise how they think
Look at competitors in the market, and outside your sector, to evaluate how to differentiate your digital solution


We start ‘low-fi’ so we can test the core functionality and content against user needs as soon as humanly possible. Minimum viable products (MVPs) first, always.
Design, development and accessibility best practices are baked in to ensure future-friendly MVPs that you (with our help or not) can take further into the future.
Under the hood, we use the latest ReactJS ecosystem technologies. It’s stable, quick to iterate upon and future proof.


We put digital solutions in front of target users as early as possible. As soon as we have a working prototype, we test.
We actually watch and speak with users in our tests. Qualitative insight helps us understand exactly how people use digital products.
Quality assurance (QA) is essential for such innovative technologies. We run a myriad of real-world tests to make sure your MVP wont break.

Lean / Agile training? We can do that

Whoa there... How long does that take?

It sounds a lot, we know. However, this process can take as little as 6 weeks

Imagine - a fully formed, tested and proven MVP ready to take into the future in only a fraction of the time it may've taken in the past

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MVP? What does that mean?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a digital product that has only the core features that a user needs to complete their customer journey.

That goal is decided from user and business research with both party’s needs considered.

Starting with an MVP means that we can build from the ground upwards. This can apply to new and legacy products as well as we can work iteratively from an existing feature/product. Simple!

Building solutions with you

Applying our process to training as well as products

We don’t just apply our process to our product builds, but to our training too!

In a classroom full of students, Alex has his back to the image whilst presenting to those students


Trainers are builders, searching for and implementing the latest methods and tech. Both in personal and client projects. We’re constantly learning too!


We create and add to our curriculum when research shows to do so. We also creating ‘MVP’ meetups to give us a basis on which to test effectiveness/need


Students and coaches provide us with essential qualitiative feedback on all trainings

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