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Developers like you can help by contributing to documentation, issuing pull requests to help us cover new use cases, and to help move front-end development forward.

How Can I Help?​

Anybody can help by doing any of the following:

  • Try LeanJS in projects
  • Help us write and maintain the content on this site
  • Contribute to the LeanJS repository


Before you can contribute to the codebase, you will need to fork the repo. New features and bug-fixes of any packages should be branched off of and merged into the main branch.

The following steps will get you setup to contribute changes to this repo:

  1. Fork the repo

  2. Clone your fork locally

    # in a terminal, cd to parent directory where you want your clone to be, then
    git clone<your_github_username>/leanjs.git
    cd leanjs
  3. Install dependencies by running yarn. LeanJS uses [Yarn (version 1)][yarn-version-1], so you should too. If you install using npm, unnecessary package-lock.json files will be generated

  4. Verify you've got everything set up for local development by running the test suite, you have to build the project first

    yarn build
    yarn test