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Case Studies

What we've done - it's how we learn!

Boston University

Boston University

Full UX process, UI and React website

Using our process to create a more advanced, content-heavy website meant thinking in high-level, usable systems rather than products.

Harnessing the power of design thinking to create a streamlined information architecture, combined with a cutting-edge React + Gatsby tech stack, we migrated millions of pieces of content and delivered a workable Wordpress-based platform.

  • HOW
    Lean UX, ReactJS development and migration
  • TIME
    5 month turnaround
    10,000 articles migrated, 50% bounce rate reduction
A smartphone and a wide-screen computer display showing Boston University's 'AGNI' website design in two different widths
LeanJS understood our mindset with a ability to ‘chameleon’ themselves. A great team to be part of, always transparent - what they created for us was incredible.

Bill Pierce
(Editor, AGNI, Boston University)



Onboarding app for unique finger scanning API

Combining the innovation-led space of bio-metrics with React Native was a real thrill for us and we learnt a lot!

Starting with an 8-hour rapid prototyping exercise on London’s South Bank, we took the user-validated design and developed a bleeding-edge React Native app that worked perfectly for

  • HOW
    Rapid prototyping, React Native with Circle CI and integration
  • TIME
    2 week turnaround
    To be implemented across 100 pubs in the UK
Two tablets, showing two screens from the onboarding project for biometric payment system FingoPay
We’d been working on the platform for a while but onboarding was an issue. LeanJS came in, discovered the issues in real life and provided a workable solution in a fraction of the time we expected. Amazed.

Stuart Nelmes
(Chief Technology Officer, Stahler/FingoPay)

ReactJS Academy


UX/UI and rapidly iterated React website

The ReactJS Academy website is a product to market advanced training for developers and rapidly evolves from month-to-month.

Since July 2018, it has undergone multiple iterations based on quantitative metrics, stakeholder research and usability testing, meeting user and business needs - both from a design and tech standpoint.

  • HOW
    On-site private training at the Asos offices
  • TIME
    First launch - 3 weeks
    Dev team now work in ReactJS, increasing productivity and code compliance
Two images of our ReactJS training sessions where our coaches are presenting to the entire class and answering questions from individual students
Our team had been talking about ReactJS for a while and when I realised how effecient it can be, it was time for a change. LeanJS tailored training for our needs and now we don’t work any othe way.

James Norton
(Engineering Practise Lead,



Interactive festive app

The ABinBev app was a milestone project for LeanJS.

With a strict timeframe and an aim to create a product that increased shopping cart value in the lead-up to Christmas, we designed and developed a highly interactive app that satisfied ABinBev’s marketing aims and delighted users.

  • HOW
    Rapid prototyping and developement
  • TIME
    From idea to launch in 6 weeks
    90% increase in shopping card value
Three smart phones, each showing different screens from the ABinBev app project
We never thought it possible! We only had a couple of months until Christmas but LeanJS sorted us out. They were highly professional yet friendly and very effective.

Mertens Dries
(Head of Marketing at Saveur Bière (ABinBev), ABinBev)

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