Optimize software for change, reduce waste & move faster!

Our series of sprints can help you cut business costs & speed up the development process by introducing modern Web technology incrementally
How it works
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Maximum efficiency, minimum risk

The LeanJS Full Stack Sprint series helps you improve project tech & processes in the Leanest way possible.
We base our Sprints around a real problem you're experiencing. From increasing product development speed to tech stack optimization, we offer our experts to help you solve it.
Optimize your JavaScript stack to:
  • Build more features in less time with a smaller team
  • Increase performance and deliver great user experiences
  • Get new products to market faster and with quality

How it works

Start incrementally. Stop at any step. Optimize tech and processes and increase competitive advantage in 3 low-risk steps:

Step 1. Value Proposition

1/2 Day

  • Stakeholders research: Tech Lead/s and/or CTO
  • Problem statement and priorities
  • Overview of the software architecture and code
  • Value proposition and recommendations

Step 2. Proof Of Concept

1-Week Sprint

  • Sprint goal
  • Architecture and code review
  • Hands-on workshops and team training on the new tech
  • Prototyping and coding with your team
  • Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations

Step 3. Production-ready Code

2-Week Sprint

  • Sprint goal
  • Incremental prototype adoption into your codebase
  • Code improvement and code review pairing our experts with your team
  • On-demand workshops based on any arising issues
  • Deployment & measurement plan
  • Validated learning and roll-out plan

About us

Our Sprints are all about working with you and your team

In 1-week/ 2-week bursts we help your team create positive, future-facing solutions that are formulated to be on-time and on-budget.

Our guiding principles

Be unafraid to learn from everyone and believe in teaching what we know
Always aim to treat others how we would want to be treated
Ensure what we do is meaningful and always people-centred

React GraphQL Academy

Upskill your team/s in the most effective way for your company

React GraphQL Academy is a LeanJS product. The Academy is offering in-person and remote training which can adapt to any company regardless of the size or budget. From in-person private team training to public bootcamps, your developers work alongside our coaches on real-world problems. Part-time or short time accelerated formats available.

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