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Enabling product teams to innovate - rapidly!

Our series of 1-week sprint trainings can revolutionise your UX, React and GraphQL products and teams
How it works

Maximum effeciency, minimum time - choose your sprint...

The LeanJS Full Stack Sprint series brings you the secrets of achieving super-fast design and development, helping you improve project processes in the Leanest way possible.

Using hands on workshops and fitting in with your current/future projects, we share our proven methodology and you walk away with the effeciency you want!

We promise to base any of 3 types of sprints around a real problem you're experiencing in your tech products. Whether it's users who aren't signing up that precious newsletter or your APIs aren't fitting into React, we've got a sprint for you.

Just choose a sprint (or several) and go!

UX Sprint - 1 Week

  • Day 1: Problem space & research
  • Day 2: Ideation
  • Day 3: Prototyping in code
  • Day 4: User testing
  • Day 5: Iterate on findings
Day-by-day breakdown

React Sprint - 1 Week

  • Day 1: Adv. patterns and FP
  • Day 2: Testing and performance
  • Day 3: Audit code, sprint goals
  • Day 4: Code improvement
  • Day 5: Final coding, and demos
Day-by-day breakdown

GraphQL Sprint - 1 Week

  • Day 1: GraphQL fundamentals
  • Day 2: Advanced GraphQL
  • Day 3: Audit code, sprint goals
  • Day 4: Code improvement
  • Day 5: Final coding, and demos
Day-by-day breakdown

Your team of coaches

Our design and dev sprints are all about working with you and your team

In 1-week bursts we mentor you to create positive, future-facing solutions that can results in tech products that are formulated to be on-time and on-budget.

UX Design Lead

Paul Woodley

Teaching is a real passion for Paul. Drawing on 10+ years of UX and UI design experience working with clients like the Bank of England, Thomas Cook and Boston University, Paul loves sharing his skills and knowledge of the entire UX spectrum, from User Research to Prototyping, Testing to UI and more.

React Lead

Alex Lobera

Alex is the Founder and Head Coach of ReactJS Academy, Europe’s first React training school. He is an authority on ReactJS, with over 15 years of experience as both a teacher and as Tech Lead. He has brought his real-world, project-based knowledge and Lean process advocacy to over 1,500 students.

GraphQL Lead

Richard Moss

As Product Owner of ReactJS Academy, Richard is at the forefront of GraphQL education. For over a decade, he has worked on an array of EdTech projects, taught coding to adults and kids, and even tutored English via his online channel, ‘English Tutors Live’. Richard’s here to share his GraphQL expertise.


Specialist coaches

Our Leads strategise your design and development sprints but our supporting cast of coaches can offer you flexibility. We can offer sprints geared towards sub-specialisms like React Native, UI Design, Marketing and many more.

Horacio Hererra
Will Voelcker
Lena Tregub
Francisco Gomes
Luis Novella

Our guiding principles

Be unafraid to learn from everyone and believe in teaching what we know
Always aim to treat others how we would want to be treated
Ensure what we do is meaningful and always people-centred

How the Full Stack Sprint series works

A highly scalable series of 1-week sprints, the Full Stack Sprint guides your team on working super-lean using unique tooling and approaches.

We get it - design and development can take a long time. But it doesn’t have to be that way with our Full Stack Sprint!

You can choose any (or all!) of our development and design sprints, which condense bleeding-edge UX design and React & GraphQL development into 1-week sprints.

All we need is you, your team, a maximum of 3 weeks blocked out and a trees-worth of post-its!

Any questions? Contact us!

Day-by-day breakdowns

Take a deeper dive on our blog... Blog: What is the LeanJS UX Sprint?

Day 1: Problem space / research

Stakeholder research using our unique "Assumptions Canvas"

Qualitative user research, validation of the Assumptions Canvas

Prioritise and decide upon key jobs-to-be-done to focus upon

Learn more about Day 1: Video | Blog

Day 2: Ideation

Ideation workshop to create solutions based on user findings

Design studio workshop bringing out all ideas and align expectations

Create the design strategy document - no wireframes required!

Learn more about Day 2: Video | Blog

Day 3: Prototyping in code

Minimum viable product creation and finalised strategy

Pairing sessions between designers and developers

Demos and retros with the whole team

Learn more about Day 3: Video | Blog

Day 4: User testing

Usability testing with pre-sourced users to find issues

Any team members able to observe user behaviours

Affinity mapping of usability testing findings

Learn more about Day 4: Video | Blog

Day 5: Iteration / retros

Review of testing, solutionising from insights

Final design and dev pairing session

Final demo and retro, handshakes and beers!

Learn more about Day 5: Video | Blog

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