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Our team can help you evolve your tech. Quick snap!

We build scalable websites, apps & digital solutions…
Building products
We also teach innovative tech to your team…
Training products

We take your business needs, align them with users’ intent and cook up solutions in a matter of weeks. Boom.

We’re not making it up… here’s some of our favourite work:

    • Rapid app design and build
    • 6 week turnaround
    • Website redesign
    • 90,000 page migration
    • Bespoke tech training
    • Increased productivity and compliance
The LeanJS team, happily discussing a digital project around laptops whilst enjoying a drink

We care about you and your people. We value good ethics.

Whoa, that sounds heavy… Thing is, we have lofty ambitions and want to do ‘good’ in the world through our work and actions.

Our core values

Be unafraid to learn from everyone and believe in teaching what we know
Always aim to treat others how we would want to be treated
Ensure what we do is meaningful and always people-centred
Rich and Alex (who is wearing a brightly coloured cycle helmet) on a remote video call
Paul, in front of a whiteboard with lots of writing and lines drawn on it, looking exasperated but having fun
Horacio, taking a selfie, with a table-full of ReactJS Academy training students behind him eating lunch
Alex, in cycle wear, looking anxiously at a fire warning sign behind him
Richard and Alex, looking intently at a laptop, trying to figure out a coding issue
Paul, usability testing on a tablet outside a pub with two men amongst

What we do, how we do it

We work exclusivity in the iterative, incremental ‘Lean’ way (thus the name!). This ensures:

A process that ensures quality is baked in
Cost effective solutions you can build upon
Tested products with very quick turnarounds

Here's how:

Three circles stating 'Test', 'Learn' and 'Build', each with an arrow pointing to the next, showing a circular motion of Lean production


User research, business analysis, competitor audit


Prototyping, coding and development


Usability testing, quality assurance

Working with you

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  • Digital solutions
  • Training

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