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The dates for the next London courses will be published in early January

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How it works

Full day on-site training session

Experience our intensive hands-on training focused on real-world challenges. Striking the perfect balance between lectures and coding exercises. This part of the training takes places at LeanJS headquarters, St Katharine's Way, St Katharine's & Wapping, London, E1W 1UN

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Redux: from beginner to advanced

  • Thinking in Redux. What problem is Redux solving?
  • Intro to functional programming
    • Data and behaviour
    • Data in, data out
    • Mutations
    • Pure functions
  • Redux Principles
    • Store, Reducers, Actions
    • Unique source of truth
  • React-Redux: Provider and Connect
  • Exercise:
    • Build your own version of redux and react-redux using TDD
    • Given an existing React-Redux app, you will have to build some features using action creators, reducers and connected containers
    • Configure Redux from scratch in a React app
  • Connecting Redux to the server
    • Fetching data from the server to Redux
  • Functional programming
    • Composing functions
    • Currying, thunks and higher-order functions
  • Advanced Redux:
    • Introducing the Redux middleware
    • Exercise, build your own Redux middleware
    • Thunks. Actions that dispatch actions
    • Exercise, implement loading indicators using thunks
  • Time travel in Redux using Redux DevTools

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Head Instructor

Alex Lobera

Alex Lobera

A day in our training

Live coding

Developers will be introduced to new concepts with presentations and also live examples. With live coding we can enhance interactions between trainees and instructors and provide tailor-made examples to trainees’ queries.

Pair Programming

By working in pairs developers have to explain to their partners what they do and how, rather than just doing it. Explaining is a great way to learn and to make sure concepts are clear. Pair programming also increases motivation and productivity.


Our experienced instructors will give developers individual feedback whilst developers are coding. Instructors will guide and mentor them to think of the best way to solve a given problem. Groups of 10 developers for 1 instructor on average.


We are strong believers in learning by doing, and so we want developers to code as much as possible, so they can make mistakes in a safe environment. You will have time to practise everything we explain during the training.

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